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Daily Prompt: My Mentors In Life


Daily Prompt: Mentor Me

by michelle w. on February 17, 2013

Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?

Thanks for the great idea, ozarkmountainhiker

I feel that I have had many mentors in my long life.  Each time that I have learned something new in my life a new mentor has stepped in to teach me.

My main Mentor in my life first and foremost is God.  Have to give Him all the credit.  Without God where are we?  With all of the teachings that have been instilled in my head since childhood for guidance through life when I am alone and feel there is no one to turn to I always find my answers and comfort with God.

Second Mentors are a tie.  Two grandmothers who were tough.  Both in instilling the religion (One Greek Orthodox and One Catholic) with Vacation Bible School of Baptist thrown in there by both.  They taught me to cook, manners, etiquette (walking with the books on my head), gardening, etc.

books on head



Various jobs where I had to be trained to learn the position.  In a cable department where I had to learn the sequence of colors to go with the cable a Korean woman named Hiroka taught me to name each color after a food then pretend like I was making a recipe.

Red=Rice, Blue=Banana, Green=Grapes, etc.

Following my divorce, I went back to college and with my Business Degree I was able to do an internship with the local Stewart Ice Cream Shop where I had to learn to become a manager.

150_Years_1797-7405-2 Clerk

I had to report back to corporate with a ten page report weekly as well as to my professor.  I also had to put in ten hours per week volunteer time at the local stores to write my report.  While at a corporate meeting, I was taking notes for my report.  I had no idea when I came in to the meeting and took the open chair that I was sitting next to the corporate president.

He watched me throughout the meeting as I sat there writing throughout the meeting.  When we took a break, he asked why I wrote constantly during the various speakers.  Still not knowing who he was, I simply told him that I was collecting material for my next report to corporate to keep the president happy.  He just laughed and asked me if that was difficult.  I said I did not know.  I just wanted to keep my ideas fresh and a new prospective that perhaps he had never seen before.  He read my reports that were in my portfolio and smiled.

He was next to speak and I was ready to crawl under the table.  He pointed to me as he began to speak.  His first words were “Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover”.  He said that he thought that I was very rude for writing during the entire presentation of the various guests till the break when he asked me why.  When he learned what I was doing, he was amazed.  Perhaps everyone should have taken notes and have presented a report about the meeting.  (Now you know why I wanted to suddenly hide).

Now my readers, It is your turn to tell me, Who has been a Mentor in Your Life?

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5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: My Mentors In Life

  1. You sound extremely well-rounded as a result of your mentors.

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  4. With all this mentors that shaped your life, you are a mentor to the blogging community. Congratulations on your Shine On Award, Tammy.

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