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Daily Prompt: Someone told me they were proud of me


Daily Prompt: Proud

by michelle w. on February 15, 2013

When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?

This was a very thought provoking question.  Since I do not thrive on praise it was something that I had to stop and think deeply about.

cup of coffee creative thought1

My hubby tells me that every time that a student has been here and has left with a finished product that looks great.CIMG0002

Since my friends here in Tennessee are few, I do not have a large number to scale my thoughts on, though I do have a few that are really supportive.

I had suggested blogging to one of my friends as she was going through a hard time with the loss of her father who passed away recently.  Apparently, she has given it some thought.  I was just answering replies to blogs when she came to visit the other day and she loved the idea of the Daily Prompt.

She told me that she had wondered how I had so many ideas every day that were always interesting and she could not wait to read them on Facebook daily.

Now we will be having a new creator here on Word Press.  She told me she was proud that I was willing to share with others that I did not even know.

Now I toss this to my readers.  When were You told that someone was proud of you?

What little things in your life have gotten the attention of someone else?

I would love to hear your comments.

Remember it only takes a second to do something nice.  A simple smile at a stranger, or “Have a nice day” can change that persons outlook on the entire day.  It did not cost you anything but a second of your time.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Someone told me they were proud of me

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  5. Once when my daughter was little, and I changed the light bulb in front of her, she was amazed and said , Ma, you know everything- I am so proud of you !

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