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Daily Prompt: Whoa! It Was Awesome


Daily Prompt: Whoa!

by michelle w. on February 11, 2013

What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

I would say the birth of my own two daughters however it was painful.  Knowing that I brought new life into the world does fit the description.

My girls

No they are not all mine and before you start guessing they are the two on the right…My oldest in black and youngest in pink.

I was fortunate enough to be in the delivery room with my oldest daughter when she delivered my grand daughter Raizel.  Yes spell checker that is how it is spelled.  No I did not mean Rapunzel.

She is already in grade school, yet I can actually say from where I was standing it was incredible to actually see the baby being born.  She came quickly and has been in a hurry every since.

Watch through pictures as she grows:

Baby Raizel Small Raizel Small Raizel 1 Getting bigger Bigger yet Still growing Still growing1 Wow how big much bigger


It is amazing to set up something like this and actually see the years pass by you.  Daily Prompt:  Whoa!

Here is a picture of my oldest grand daughter who is my youngest daughter’s daughter (say that fast ten times lol)



Jasmine is in the center


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9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Whoa! It Was Awesome

  1. It must be exciting and comforting for you to see not only your children grow up, but also their children as well. The pictures are fantastic! Both of my parents passed not long ago and I made a film using old photos of Christmases past and it was so amazing to see us all grow and change through the years. I can’t wait to sit down and watch similar home movies with my own children.

  2. It’s incredible to watch children grow. Whether they’re yours, your grandchildren, nieces, or nephews, it’s just incredible.

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