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New Student, Part Two: Baby Blanket


For a student who has never sewn before to finish three projects that she can show her hubby proudly and state “I made these myself” is an accomplishment.

Perhaps it is the way that I teach, perhaps it is my patience, or just the fact that I listen to each student and their needs.

This particular student has jumped in the water instead of taking baby steps.  She is all about the learning and takes every open slot that I have.

Her next project is the baby blanket.  That type of project under other circumstances, I would discourage a new student that is fresh in the water from learning.  She is beginning to do an Olympic course of learning so that she can complete it before this baby is born.

blanket1 blanket 2 blanket 3 blanket4 blanket5 blanket6This plus the curtains is what we achieved in six hours.

Her next session will be to apply the seam binding and then get to the new project that she has already selected which is Nursing Coverings.   Stay tuned for updates on our projects.

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4 thoughts on “New Student, Part Two: Baby Blanket

  1. Wow she’s a fast learner! Looks like she found a great teacher, The ‘blankie’ is so cute. Imagine, this is something that the baby is going to hold on to for life. So that makes it even more special, that you are teaching her to make it 🙂

  2. Wow, I just learned something! I never thought to sew all the blanket layers before sewing the binding on (as crazy as that sounds)! I’m just always trying to get my projects done as fast as possible, and I’ve always just put the binding on and sewed through all the layers at once. This usually results in the blanket layers getting disheveled and pulled during that process and I usually end up screaming! lol….I don’t know why something as simple as SEWING THEM PRIOR TO THE BINDING never entered my brain! lol So thank you for that *genius to me* idea! haha

    • Glad I could help. With teaching I have learned several different ideas that have made life easier. I will keep sharing and checking your posts for ideas. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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