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New Sewing Student


Having a new student of any age can be a challenge.  Not only for the student but also for the teacher.  Not knowing the level of what they can achieve you take it slow till you see their work.

Being creative and thinking out of the box has helped in these ventures with my students that average in age from 16 to 60.

My new student is in her twenties.  She is due in 8 weeks to have her first baby and has never sewn.

Our first project?  I taught her what a seam was by having her recover a lamp shade with her favorite material for the baby’s curtains and matching blanket.

securedownload securedownload (1)

By teaching her to use the lampshade as a pattern and using the glue gun instead of the machine, she learned to seam the pieces together to make a finished product.

securedownload2A product that she will be proud of for years to come.  As the baby grows, the shade covering can be changed to meet the needs of the room.

Today is curtain day…

curtains1Finding a technique to have her sew straight and with confidence, we are trying a zig-zag across the edging to make a guide to follow when she is ready to sew.



Since I polish my table I was afraid that the material would be too slippery with the student first learning so I had set the machine on a table cloth.

ironing boardBy simply ironing the edges and smoothing out the material it made it easier for her to work.

getting in the flow ironing made it easier slowly coming along


By removing the table cloth after she became familiar with the machine she was able to not only guide the material but finish a complete curtain on her own.

without a table coth finished productShe then felt secure enough to start the other curtain. Yeah!

no table cloth


Now she can go home and hang her curtains… stay tuned for part 2, the baby blanket.

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5 thoughts on “New Sewing Student

  1. Winnie The Pooh is my favorite. I had a WTP bed spread and covers up until I was 22 LOL! She must be so excited to learn 🙂

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  3. WOW! How cute! She must be so proud! 🙂 She’ll be in heaven when everything comes together in the room! 🙂

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