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Is It Just a Box?


When you have a huge cat that loves to claim items in your home that are new as his own,  sometimes it is difficult to be creative and come up with ideas to keep him off the tables and counters or even the bathroom sink.  Thank goodness he is now too big to fit in there anymore.

DC finally does not fit anymore

DC finally does not fit anymore

There was a time that we had to find an alternate place to wash our hands after visiting the bathroom.  The alternative was to use the other bathroom while he was napping.  At least this surface could be sterilized and cleaned and he did not shed as badly as if he were laying on a table cloth or other areas that he really was not wanted.

Thinks he was hid lol

Thinks he was hid lol

As a kitten we never knew where he was going to pop out from.


DC as a kitten

How tiny he was at one time, looking back.

CIMG1448When it is nap time, which is often his decision to sleep is in some unique places.

CIMG1450 CIMG1451 CIMG1452

He was not happy when our older cat decided to steal his chair that we have set out for customers in the store area.

We find ourselves tippy toeing around to not wake him suddenly so that we are not caught by the sharp claws.

CIMG1818As he has grown, his size now dictates where he can and can not nap.  Spots that he used to love, he now rolls off from once he is asleep, taking everything that is under him to the floor with him.  Great way to Spring Clean.

wpid-2013-01-20-16.55.36.jpgOne of his favorite places to nap was on the back of the extra couch in our television room till he began to tangle himself up in the curtains.  I did not like it because I was constantly washing the curtains and vacuuming the couch.

My hubby decided that the best option was to go back to what we had done when he was a kitten.  It totally looks strange when we have company.  It makes perfect sense to us and solves all of our problems with him being where we really do not want him.


He now spends his time in the box.  As long as it is not over three days old.  So every three days, my hubby goes to the local store and stands out front and picks just the right size box to bring home for our baby.

securedownload (1) securedownload (2)

We have tried the cat towers and those items but he is just too big to fit.  This is free and a great alternative to keeping him happy and us happy.  Now if it was just warm out so it could go outside and I could vacuum twice a day I again…CIMG2522Now if we could just stick my office wrecker in a box life would be grand.  He is so old that he gets a lot of special attention and is allowed to do what other cats or dogs would never be allowed to do.



As long as they are healthy and happy… My hubby has dedicated a Facebook page all about our cat.  Here is a picture he posted recently on Facebook about it


Did not get to the store yesterday as we had planned, so I flipped the box over to make the scent fresh and placed an old kitchen towel in it to make it different.  I have been walking around with my phone in my hand so I could take a picture of this bad boy in the box…

Today I found him in the kitchen next to the heat duct that is under the sink.  You would think with all that fur that would be the last place he would want to be.

follow up 3

When I snapped his picture he ran into his box with his fresh towel

follow up 1 follow up 2


Hard to believe he fits lol

Happy reading and happy blogging day to all.

Tammye Honey


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7 thoughts on “Is It Just a Box?

  1. I do love the pictures and the characters.
    How can you allow the cat to get in with the office equipment? *says he, looking over shoulder to where our ginger MacGregor is snoozing on his special cushion next to a printer and laptop*

  2. We put strips of two sided tape on top of the gerbil cage and the kitty left it alone after the first encounter with the strips of tape. She didn’t get stuck to the tape or anything she just didn’t like the feeling of the tape under her paws. We all can do some funny things in an effort to out smart our pets. Loved the pictures, my fave was the one of your cat in the bookcase ontop of the books ” thinks he was hid”. Thanks for sharring.

    • When we wake in the morning we never know for certain where he has decided to perch for the night. The box has kept him anchored to the floor. Today has been a beautiful day it is closed to 70 degrees F here and both cats are enjoying the out of doors. Peachy, our newest member of our tribe is the only one inside, because I am. I have had to walk around in the back yard a few times today to get her out.

  3. The glowing eyes are freaky!!!

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