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The Animal Welfare Blogger Challenge!


The Animal Welfare Blogger Challenge sounded like a great idea to try for my readers…

How do you participate? It’s easy! Just write a blog post about something you do in your daily life and how it impacts animals.

The idea behind this challenge is simple: A change in action is the result of a change in thinking, and this challenge is designed to make you think about what actions you take in your daily life that negatively impact animal welfare.

For instance, we all know that when humans shop in pet stores that sell animals, they are indirectly supporting the breeder mills that sell these animals. Or when humans eat pork they support the inhumane practice of gestational crate usage.

But there are other things we do or eat that we don’t think of. In many processed foods and restaurant foods are additives we don’t question. Like raspberry flavor in sweets? You might be eating castoreum, which comes from the anal glands of beavers. That’s gross enough, but it’s HOW the castoreum is harvested that is the most gross.

Even if you eat nothing but tree leaves and dirt, your choices could have an impact on animal welfare. For instance, when humans choose to build out “away from it all,” they are also choosing to take habitat from animals for themselves.

Now this is NOT a challenge designed to get you down on yourself.However, there are little changes you can make that makes all the difference in the lives of animals. But before you make those changes, you have to be aware of what you’re doing.

One other rule: This has to be about you. No preaching! Well, except for June Buggie…. hard to tell him anything.

Are you up for the challenge?  Great! Here’s your Challenge Button:

blogger challenge

Get to writing!

We are Tupperware consultants and we have found a twist on how to recycle our Tupperware returns from customers.

We send the returns that do not have to go back to Tupperware directly to this local chapter in our area to help with the animals who are awaiting adoption.

We support this cause and donate blankets and pillows from our customers also.

Our branch is in Hopkinsville, KY and they are so glad to come and visit us with their huge truck and volunteers who come and pick up what we have collected.  A cereal keeper that might have gone to the land fill because it had a chip out of the top will store dog or cat food just fine.

As for the food end of the spectrum…since I cook from scratch due to my allergies, it is easier for us to be more cautious of what we purchase.  That was the easy part for us.  Our animals do not seem to play with toys so the pet store purchase is out of the question.  All of our animals originally were from shelters not the pet stores.

What are you doing to help the cause?  I would love to hear.



Take the Challenge and make a difference.

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12 thoughts on “The Animal Welfare Blogger Challenge!

  1. I honestly have no idea what impact I have on anything other than my daily life. I’m too consumed with that to notice anything else, honestly.

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  3. Thats a wonderful way to help animals! Thank you so much for sharing and for rising to the challenge!

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  5. I’m buying organic dogfood. It’s messier than normal dogfood cause it takes time to defrost and then it’s all bloody – but I understand that organic meat has a better chance of being cruelty free (at least, I buy it from an ‘organic’ butcher who says that his meat is cruelty free, though I’m sure it’s not quite – still it’s the best I can do for now).

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