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Daily Prompt: Through the Window,What do You See?


Daily Prompt: Through the Window

by michelle w. on January 29, 2013

Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

As I gaze from my kitchen window onto my barren backyard through the pouring rain, I can depict the might magnolia tree standing so tall in the center of the yard.



I think of this photo that was taken to show just how majestic of a tree it really is.

I see the fallen apple tree that once stood so tall and housed some really great apples till it was struck by lightening this past Summer.  How the grandchildren loved to climb it and get the apples to make apple cobbler and apple sauce.

Third short man in tree

Third short man in tree

More short men in tree

More short men in tree

short men in tree

short men in tree

Tiny apples

I see the evergreen trees that border our land and think how beautiful they look in the Summer time.

IMG_0002 (3)Although it is raining today, bright and sunny days will soon be upon us again.  It will be warm again soon and we can run and enjoy our yard for yet another Summer.

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Thank You for reading and have a blessed day

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