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Daily Prompt: Playgrounds of Yesterday and Today


Daily Prompt: Ode to a Playground

by michelle w. on January 28, 2013

A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

I sat and pondered this prompt for a bit this morning and was glad it was not the ten minute drill of a few days ago.

When I was growing up there were not the elaborate parks that you see today.  Children played ball in the streets in their neighborhood.  Parents would sit on their stoops and watch the children play.  Parents would park their cars in drive ways so that the streets were cleared and the games began.

Those children are the ones who have designed the elaborate playgrounds of today where children do not have to stop the play to allow cars to pass.

playground 1 playground2

When I moved to the country, my playground was an apple orchard, where I played with a horse that I rode out there with a few books and a packed lunch for both of us to spend the day.

apple orchard


For a treat, when my children were younger I used to take them to Old Forge, New York to Enchanted Forest Water Safari where they would enjoy dry and water rides from sun up to sun down.  Now the park even opens after dark in another area for night time fun.  Every thing from a car wash and baby pool for the infant to go carts and huge water slides for the dare devils.

There is always Disney World, in Orlando Florida where you need to spend days and lots of cash or credit cards.

disney world

Times have changed in so many ways.  Today a parent can’t just say go play outside with your friends.  The parent has to be on a constant watch of the children.  A fenced in yard is a must have when purchasing a home with small children and there is no such thing as “Block Parties” anymore.  People barely know their neighbors.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Playgrounds of Yesterday and Today

  1. thanks for the pingback

  2. It’s so true… Times have changed, and our children and grandchildren can no longer enjoy some of the freedoms we took for granted, for fear of someone harming them. Thanks for a great trip down memory lane. 🙂


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