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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Love, my definition in photo)


What a difference in this blog from my morning find of Daily Post Challenge of Death… this blog more suits my taste.  As I sat here pondering what photo to submit, perhaps I might take the easy way out and blame it on being a woman lol…There were too many to choose just one.  So here we go.

wpid-2013-01-20-16.56.03.jpgHaving my Peachy (camera shy gal) following closely beside me.


My Trina and her black blanket she hides under helping me with my crocheting

wpid-2013-01-20-16.55.36.jpgOur Farrow Cat (Who is not a farrow cat)

wpid-2013-01-20-16.58.28.jpg wpid-2013-01-20-16.55.08.jpg wpid-2013-01-20-16.54.08.jpgOur Football watching cat (who redecorates my office nightly)

I will just say Our Grandchildren and not make you view all of them.  If this is your first time viewing and you are curious then you can check them out at

I could mention them all day long.

CIMG0002 CIMG0001My students who are eager to learn

stop by and see usThis one captures so much however, you did not bring your lunch and dinner for me to list the items of love in this photo.

Let me know what photo you would post for love or if you could stop at only one.

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Have a wonderful time taking your love photo

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32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: (Love, my definition in photo)

  1. Great selection … thanks for the mention!

  2. Lovely images. Thank you for the pingback !!!

  3. So cute! Thanks for the pingbacks, they are appreciated

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  5. Lol, well done. Love your football cat! 🙂 It’s hard to post just one, isn’t it? In the end I went with a feeling. That’s all one can do. 🙂

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  12. My vote is the porch scene: things of love: sunshine, good dog, beverage of choice, favorite hat, year-round holiday lights, toes in the fresh air, home sweet home and touching hands at the knuckles. All good~~~windisfree

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  17. Yep…like the porch one! 🙂

  18. Hi Tammy, Love your choices. Sorry, I am really behind in visiting people. Just can’t keep up with the blogging world. Everybody is Awesome. 😀

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