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Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Go or Maybe


Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go

by michelle w. on January 24, 2013

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish. 

Wow, There is no space here for writers glitch is there lol… just blog away…

Do we need books to help us over this hurdle or just a great cup of a coffee?

creative thought1cup of coffee

Oh no, I have not had either this morning… and yet the clock is ticking.

clock ticking

Check out these other brave bloggers this morning who did not have a writer’s block at all…

My ten minutes is up and my coffee is ready…so go and enjoy their blogs

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Have a great day and keep smiling on the inside even if it is raining outside…

Tammye Honey

Author: TammyeHoney

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16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Go or Maybe

  1. Pingback: Ready, Set, Go | thelissachronicles

  2. LOL,Love it! I was afraid my post was going to be blank as the seconds ticked by and I couldn’t think of a single thing to write about! Thanks for the ping back and have a blessed day~

  3. Short, sweet and spicy 🙂

  4. totally cool – loved it! I didn’t think of pictures to go with it, that takes me way, WAY too long to do. 😆 thanks for the pingback!!

  5. Pingback: Daily Prompt; Ready, Set Go/ The Daily Post | terry1954

  6. thanks so much for the pingback ! & hey, it takes some freaking time finding just the right picture/links you want to post- writer’s block was counteracted by your use of resources on the web- well done!

    • Thank You thank goodness for a great search engine and setting it to just image… thinking fast and just posting as it came to me for the countdown…did not say much but then 10 minutes is not long for a blogger.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

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  9. Thanks for the pingback! I liked your post!

  10. I couldn’t do this one either, but I wasn’t creative as you!

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