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Sorry that my blogs have not been ongoing.  I have had a slew of new projects to finish and deadlines to complete them all.

A copy cat diaper bag which I literally made the pattern from an existing bag as I drew it out on a cardboard box for my pattern….

diaper bag bag 2Finished and is delivered to a happy customer.

My next series is a slew of television throw blankets for the grandchildren to cuddle with while watching their favorite programs that will be made in their favorite colors.  The variation will be that they will be made without the hearts on them.

LW3240This is one of the new Red Heart Patterns LW 3240 if you are a crochet fan it is a free download

The nice thing is that this pattern can be changed since the hearts are sewn on so that you can put what ever shape or letter in it’s place…

Back to crocheting since we have so many grand children….

scarf design to afghan

Have a great day and thank you for reading…. Will be back when finished with pictures better yet will update as I go along lol…

afghanMoving right along with project…

new afghanDon’t think I like the heart with it glad I did not make more….

trina2One of my helpers (Trina)

peachy1 trina1 peachy2Peachy is camera shy lol….

chillin with the girlsBack to work so will update you later…

Here is my first attempt at making a video and trying to hold a camera with my chin while I crochet.  Did not come out on YouTube like I would like so I will be trying again soon…

As an update on the latest project and a heads up that a pound of love is not equal to 4 skeins of yarn…I am in gauge with this pattern although I do not have enough yarn to make it to the finished project.  The pound of love only made it a slight bit over the half way mark.

2013-01-17 11.23.17 2013-01-17 11.23.22 2013-01-17 11.23.36 2013-01-17 11.24.092013-01-17 12.59.59This is the other project that I have also began to finish so that I do not get bored with crocheting.  I switch off between two projects so that I still love to work with yarn.

The girls are supportive as usual…

2013-01-17 12.40.25 2013-01-17 12.50.18Just that Peachy is camera shy while Trina will knock you over to get her picture taken… If you would like to join our group on Facebook….and add your latest craft pictures of what you are doing….feel free to join…it is open to the fellow crafter’s…

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20 thoughts on “Latest Project

  1. That’s one thing I have never been able to attempt successfully – crocheting. I can knit just about anything, but my crocheting things just turns into little bowls 😉
    And the little toiletry bags I made the kids for Christmas has also been cut from an existing bag – a good way to get patterns 😉
    Good luck!!

    • TY and also thank you for viewing…I find that amazing as knitting is so much more difficult than crocheting. The trick to crocheting is to turn after each row and after chaining do not go into first stitch… also pull your needle out when turning

      • I’ll be sure to give it a try 😉
        My gran used to crochet the most amazing things when she was alive – I just could not get that skill from her 🙂

      • If you have any crafting book in your library a must have should be Reader’s Digest Complete Guide To Needlework. I have taught many a student both left handed and right handed knitting and crocheting with the guides in that book.

  2. I have always loved crochet…
    I even asked my grandma to teach me how to…
    she is amazing with it…
    I have a collection of scarves and gloves she amde especially for me…

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  4. What a great list of projects you have – your grandchildren are very lucky! Crochet is something I’d love to get more into this year 🙂

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