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Daily Prompt: My Favorite Grandchildren



Daily Prompt: My Favorite

by michelle w. on January 6, 2013

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

It has been about two years due to surgeries that I have not been able to travel back to New York State to visit my family and the hardest part is not seeing all of my grandchildren.

Keeping in touch on



has made it easier to keep up with their growing yet it is not the same as holding and spoiling them personally.

0131091128298085_2401543073842_1917983981_n raizy1 giddy1 giddy2 giddy3 giddy 4 giddy5 Jaz smile Jazzy in mirror raizy2Then there is Hubby’s side that I consider also grandchildren…one group is away in Germany so seeing them is out of the question… (Hubby will not fly even to NY)

Then there is the group that is on other side of state with very busy parents:

new year 2012 009 new year 2012 018 new year 2012 011 new year 2012 012 new year 2012 021 031 new year 2012 007 new year 2012 017 new year 2012 024The group that we adopted and are just like family

CIMG0001 CIMG0002095halloween 085CIMG2402

The rest of the children’s photos were accidentally deleted due to the children playing with the cameras when they visit…

boysThat is who I miss…what about you?


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11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: My Favorite Grandchildren

  1. What gorgeous kids!!!
    Can see why they’re your favourite 😉

  2. Thank goodness for facebook. Beautiful pics.

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