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When It Rains It Does Pour!


We have had several severe thunderstorms in our area recently…

There is the site if you would like to track your area to see how you are doing…

Needless to say we have had to place claims with our insurance company…something that neither my hubby or I have ever done before.   We went from a few rain drops of problems to the monsoon in no time…

Roof Damage

Plumbing and Flooring damage

Same storms…backed up lines…plugged drains…water heater blows up…floors flood…

Insurance Claim rep actually says to me are you sure… ugh

I am looking at it and the estimates lady…I have it in black and white…wtf…seriously?  Then hubby grabbed the phone… because he could not hear her he said that he would have to put me back on…

When I came back on the only thing she said to me was here are your claim numbers…

She for some reason just did not want to deal with me…or was it something hubby said that could have been worse than me while I was dealing with the plumber and roofer?

Nah, I am so pleasant it must have been his lack of hearing and her wanting to go to lunch.

So now we are waiting for claims adjuster number two to call us and come out.  Then we wait another week then I no longer will have to look at the black standing water in my bathroom sink.

I’ll bet if it were her sink life would be a little different.


Tammye Honey


Author: TammyeHoney

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3 thoughts on “When It Rains It Does Pour!

  1. I feel ya! Let me know if you would like any help. I’ve been there before too unfortunately!

    • Prayer would help lol..material things will work out God does not have us go without what we can not survive without so that will possibly snails pace. That teaches patience and appreciation. Therefore I am thankful. I still have food in freezer that we just replaced and running water in one tiny shared half bath lol…God is good.

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