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What Were They Thinking? (As I watch mine playing)

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A drive by drop off late last night…we thought they were having car trouble…some car trouble all right…

So tiny and afraid

As mine sit and just chill out

This one runs into the engine when you approach… I did get it to eat but could not get it out…

We had to wait till it fell asleep from exhaustion on the motor and hubby grabbed it quick… luckily we had noticed it so it did not become mincemeat when he started the engine… Seriously,  What were they thinking? That we were mind readers and we would know that we suddenly had a new one added to our crew?

What if she hated cats?

What if they did not like other cats?

What then?

What if she hated cats?

Did they even have one brain cell between their ears?  That kitten was weaned and owned for a while what did it do claw some furniture? A spray bottle of water would have helped that or a scratch post for $5.00.

How cruel…

From Our Home to Yours Love is shared if you share it…

Spread the love …Not animals in the middle of the night Please…


Tammye Honey



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One thought on “What Were They Thinking? (As I watch mine playing)

  1. Update is that Kitten is in a cat carrier and is captured at least so it will not stay under the hood or run out in the road and get hit by a car.

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