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An update on the Peachy story is that she spent the night in the store last night on the cool Terra cot-ta floor with her buddy Trina.

She was not thrilled about the idea to start till she received her own bed that matched one like Trina’s that could be balled up and crunched beyond recognition while laying on it lol…

So they did survive the night together sleeping right next to each other.  We always leave a lamp on for Trina anyways so there was plenty of light in the store for them both.

The odd thing that happened last night was when we were trying to comb the dogs.  Trina is one that would have you comb her all day and night.  Even our two cats will lay there and roll for you to get them at all angles to make certain that there is not a single spot that is missed on them lol…

Peachy on the other hand, cried as if we were beating her before we even touched her fur.  I tried both a brush and two different types of combs and she just shook.  After seeing that she was in a traumatic state, I did our cat to see if she would respond positively only to find her shaking even harder from across the patio.  She had actually backed herself up into a corner.

Today, she is back in the house and resting.  I decided to back up and give her a few days before we introduce anything else new to her.

Whatever happened to her before she reached us in her journey to us could have been so traumatic that she is truly suffering from doggie P.T.S.D.

How could someone be so cruel to a poor defenseless animal.  She is so sweet and kind.

My only prayer is that in time, her wounds heal and she begins to realize that she is loved.

Thank you for reading.  Have a blessed day and hug your pet today and let them know they are special to you.

Tammye Honey


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