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Trina Had Company Today


This is Trina

This is Trina…I have spoken of her in past posts… She has had just an exhausting day today… She is so used to having a set routine.  She could not even finish her dog bone there on the floor near her before she went for her nap..

Early in the morning, the door bell rang.  Not expecting anyone we thought perhaps it was a customer.  Much to our surprise, it was the lawn care service asking if they could mow today rather than on Thursday…Great idea!  Now we can go somewhere on Thursday.

Not like hubby with just one lawn tractor

Hubby and Trina take their usual Monday run to the land fill and back a big five minute run, but a big surprise today cause an extra stop at the Post Office…oops…break of cycle…

She deals with it and is glad to go for ride with head out the window…

She does not like our new lawn care as she can’t chase these lawn mowers and there are two…one in the front and one in the back so she sits right next to hubby till they have finished and left…

Front yard front half

Front yard side half

Then she walks the parameter of yard with the two cats to inspect what has happened…

Only the back though, as she is not allowed in the front…too many cars!

Once satisfied that life is okay again, she retires into the store to sit and munch on a bone and relax.

A big red truck pulls into the yard…must be a customer…she takes a bone to the door to greet as always.  This time, instead of sending Trina to the back, hubby opens the front screen door and lets her greet the people…

There are four short men and a woman.  Trina knows the woman, but not the short people.  They look like playmates.  The short men go to the back yard and the running begins.  The short men soon find the apple tree.

Their adventure begins and as they fill up bags to take home and take turns playing Frisbee with Trina, the afternoon slowly progresses.

Tiny apples

Top short man in tree

More short men in tree

Third short man in tree

Just some of the bags of apples

Short men holding their bags of apples

Trying to get them to smile lol


Trina comes back to the floor in the store to lay down only to have one of the short men beckon her to come and play as she looks to hubby for help while she is returning to the group.

Following a photo session, the short men load back in the big red truck to leave as Trina has already found her spot on the floor in the store along with DC the cat to rest from a really exhausting day.

He acted just as tired as Trina lol

We have not told Trina that they are coming back tomorrow to visit again…

Thought we would let her rest tonight then surprise her tomorrow…think that is a good idea?

Thank you as always for reading our blog…love being here and sharing…

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