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New Coffee Maker Purchase Ideas

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For over a month now I have been trying to explain to my hubby that it was necessary for us to spend the money and just go get a new coffee maker.  The last one that we purchased was a Mr. Coffee and it has done nothing but leak all over my counter since day one. ***A safety hazard as it can leak into wiring…***

Without thinking…I filed the receipt and have no idea where to even start looking for it so that is totally useless as far as trying to get a refund.  Making other purchases at the same time was also a foolish mistake which did not happen this time.

Taking an hour to decide which coffee maker to purchase may seem extreme, however you have to remember that I took my hubby with me.  So the discussion of what we needed in a coffee maker and what we did not soon began.

We did not need a timer, auto start or a gold basket.  We did need a twelve to fourteen cup pot and filters not cones.  Hubby did not like the individual Keurig Cups as he did not feel that in the long run at the rate that we drink coffee they were cost effective.

(We purchase Maxwell House Blend of Wake Up Call) which is made for the military.

So price was not an issue as far as the maker went as much as the features and warranty that the actual maker offered.  We ended up with people stopping and watching the two of us carrying on our discussion of coffee makers as we lined them up on a display and discussed our likes and dislikes of each one till we narrowed it down to one that we both agreed upon.

The winner:  Kitchen Aid Model KCM111 12 cup Glass Carafe Coffee Maker.

We did not go to Kohl’s and saved

We not only saved $20.00 from what Kohl’s wanted but we also saved on what the tax would have been for going there vs where we got it and if we had gotten online what shipping and handling would have been lol.  It pays to shop around.

By shopping for just this item and keeping receipt separate and with manual I know when it was purchased and where.  I also know how long the warranty is good for.

Shop smart and buy for long term…it is more cost effective in the long run…

Tammye Honey



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