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Motherhood (The Manual is on backorder)

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When my children were babies life was so interesting.

Dr. Spock had his place and at 2 AM I found that when the baby was running a fever and I had tried everything in that book…

It was always in hard cover then lol

It became the door stop that kept the bedroom door from completely closing to let a little light in from the hall.

I would sit with the baby across my lap and rub chilled baby lotion across their backs till they went back to sleep as I rocked them in my lap.  I did refer to the book from time to time but only as a reference guide.

not many brands back then either lol

When my daughters got older and were at the age that they felt that I knew nothing…my favorite expression was that they were correct…”The Parent’s Manual” is still on back order…

It was enough to silence their complaints for the moment since I had agreed with them after all lol…

With working three jobs to support the two girls alone (following a divorce)… I tried to be cheery how ever there were times when certain phrases were like fingernails going down a chalk board.


I had came home after a double shift, showered and walked to get a cart full of groceries.  I put away all of the groceries and walked back to the store to return the cart then bought the remaining groceries that were needed that I could carry and walked back home.

After putting all of those groceries away, I again showered and proceeded to my next job, leaving a note on the fridge door for the girls to make dinner for themselves as there was plenty of food.  Also added for them not to add the neighborhood to dinner.

I was a waitress at a steak house just down the street from our house so that I was close to the girls should there be an emergency.  They were old enough to babysit and had taken the girl scout courses so I thought they were ok to be checked on by my neighbor who needed to borrow a lot of stuff during the course of a night.


Thank goodness she gave back

I look out of the corner of my eye as I am taking a customer’s order and across the restaurant in another waiter’s station…it is my two daughters…I calmly continue to take the order and go about setting up the table.

As I head to the kitchen to place the order, I swing past my manager and ask if he knew anything about how my daughters paid for their meals.  He simply replies “Oh they charged it again.”… “Again?????”  This had been reoccurring?  No wonder my miscellaneous meals and expenses were so high…I never ate on shift…I had questioned the checks each time with the manager only to get the response that they were correct.  No wonder.

I asked him why and he replied that they had told him there was “Nothing to eat at home”…grrrrrrrrrr… I began to explain to him that I could not get another package of food in my fridge, cupboards or freezer if my life depended on it at the moment.  However, my two lazy daughters would have had to have prepared something.  Which, mind you, they were both well capable of.

I walked past my daughters and smiled and simply said “Enjoy your meals, I will see you at home.”  “Perhaps next time, you and your friends can sit in my area.”  Then I just walked away.

When I got off from my shift, both daughters were home, sitting at the table doing their homework as if they were the model daughters.  I took a shower to get the steak house smell off and climbed into my jammies then proceeded into the kitchen.

I walked to the cupboard and proceeded to place cans of soup on the floor slowly emptying out the entire cupboard.

As my daughters looked at me in shock…they asked what I was doing…

I simply replied “Nothing, this is a fragment of your imagination, since there is no food in this house…I am doing absolutely nothing.”

last laugh

With that, I went upstairs and went to bed…

I came down the next morning to all of the food having been put away and from that day on, I never heard “there is no food in this house” or “there is nothing to eat”.

Now they look back and laugh saying remember the night mom went crazy and emptied all the cupboards…a memory was made…

Point Taken Too…

Without raising my voice, yelling or getting upset…it was handled…and the meals at the restaurant also stopped on my tab… They began to pay with their babysitting money.

Thank you for reading…

Tammye Honey


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