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Great Shopping Finds


While in the grocery store today (which is the one place, besides the dentist, I hate to go) I actually had fun… 🙂 I found some great stuff today.  So I thought I would share it with you.  Especially those who suffer from allergies like I do.  I was happy when I found the rice flour in the Korean Market, however it came in a tiny box.  Today I found gluten free flour and it came in a 24 oz box and is King Arthur Multipurpose Flour.

Nice option to baking

In the same isle there was a cake mix by Betty Crocker so I grabbed that too as that was also gluten free…

Can’t wait to try

Did not know hubby was standing behind me till he spoke up and said “Gee I really hope you are grabbing those brownies too!…Last ones you made were great!”

So, I grabbed the brownies too lol…

These are yummy

Hubby never knew anything about gluten free or anything about why I buy this brand just that he likes them lol…

Thought I would share.. since some things are so hard to find…

Oh and I might lock up my key board tonight as I left Facebook on computer last night and here was a post this morning…both cats were in last night too…hmmmm

They used another cat picture so I would not know which cat did it…

Have a great night…

Tammye Honey…


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4 thoughts on “Great Shopping Finds

  1. My mom has a Gluten allergy… I have made the cake before and it’s delicious! 🙂

  2. it is such a rare find here in Tennessee though I had made it in Upstate NY several times lol

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