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Funny Hubby


The other evening my hubby came running into my office with a landmark discovery…he was holding the unopened can of Fancy Feast Cat Food which his sister had left for her run away cat so I thought he was going to comment about the cat opening the can…wrong!

To me one is silver one is gold

I continued to listen about how amazing it was that the cans were identical.  He was truly upset that an elderly person could easily not distinguish between the two late at night and possibly be eating the wrong can.


Just had to share this nutty pic of him with you as he is still concerned about the problems with the manufacturing of the cans and the elderly safety…..

Have a great day…

Tammye Honey


Author: TammyeHoney

I am about Blogging various information. If you check, I have several sites. Everything from food to funny with a few product lines in between. I am a Daily Prompt Blogger and an A-Z prompt blogger as well. Thank you for checking out my site. I hope you enjoy. I started this for cooking and my corn allergy and then it grew...

3 thoughts on “Funny Hubby

  1. Of all the blogs to show up in his email…this is the one that shows up… lol….

  2. It was one of those I just could not resist….lol

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