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My Surprise at my hubby’s ad

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Mickey Mouse Cookie Jar, I want the Rat Gone !!!

An email arrived to my email address instead of hubby’s quite by accident today in response to an ad that he had placed …it was regarding a smiling Mickey Mouse Cookie Jar that I had purchased for the store to put on the shelf to decorate…thought it would bring a smile to his face…

Here is the ad:
I am selling my wife’s cookie jar.

So do not say anything.

I am tired of looking at his cheery, smiling Rodent Face every day.

It depresses me.

So I want the Rat Gone.

Price: 10.00

Series of five pictures

Picture Two

Love the dollar to depict size

Never knew Mickey had so many poses

Showing it is genuine

So that is my blog of the afternoon…be cautious when you buy an item that a spouse has to look at every day… (when we opened the store his man cave was not out there)…

It may have a different reaction that what you think….

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