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Since we live in the country we have a unique neighborhood…coming from Central NY (Detroit originally) then transplanted as an early teen…

I have basically seen a lot of neighborhoods…my daughter who lives in the Rochester, NY area lives in a quaint suburb and does not know her neighbors except for her hubby’s family who happen to live in that neighborhood.  I actually knew more neighbors during my three year stay with them than they did just from walking with their children around the block…lol

Here is so different.  Our three years of my being here has been eventful.  We opened our outlet store which we turned a dull and drab sun porch into a bright and sunny little store front… We went around the neighborhood and shot pictures of people in action then added a few pictures from the internet which were a bit of tongue in cheek to make a video.  Which our neighborhood was quite great about and were not shy in the least to be a part of… they thought we were a little strange however loved the bragging rights of being in the video.

When our doggie Trina came up missing one day…we made posters and posted one on the door of the one and only market that we have…next thing we knew, we had people on 4 wheelers, trucks and women pulling babies in wagons coming for more posters… they were searching for our dog.  People would pass by and ask if they were looking for a child and the response was “No have you seen this doggie” here is a poster….the response was incredible and a thank you note went up on the same door that night at dusk when she suddenly came home looking to see if her new box of milk bones was still there…

This is Trina

She thinks she is a lap dog lol

Most of the reactions to our video on You Tube were really nice.  The music is by Tracy Byrd “I’m From The Country”… There are always a few bad apples around every tree so of course we received a few comments about inbreeding and our cousins brothers being our fathers etc… The truth is our neighbors are either soldiers from all over the world, doctors, lawyers, accountants, professors at the local college, etc…most are people with their masters degrees or higher… I just considered the source and asked the one person who would not let it drop to please research the area before he shot off his trap…

I really tried to be patient…honestly

Here is our video and just so you know as the reader the only two people related are my hubby and I by marriage…not blood lol…

I’m from the Country and I like it that way  Oakwood, TN we love you…and our Neighborhood…

If this guy asks me to add him as a friend one more time lol…ugh…and he thinks I am arrogant because I now monitor my comments…roflmbo… it is because of super dummies like him…

Thank you for reading just had to spout off as my hubby calls it…

Spouting off opinion

Thanks for reading…

so sad when people have to be that way

This is more of what is needed in life

Have a safe and a happy weekend…

Tammye Honey


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