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While I was playing my mindless game last night on Facebook (that I have become a bit too addicted to over a few years)… Cafe World lol…

I decided to actually explore the friends that I had inherited over the few years profiles pictures.


Once in a while, when I have been away from there, I forget my password and have to identify my friends with their pictures.

The only problem with that is that the pictures are constantly changing.

It is the inner child in us coming out

Some people change them as frequently as they change their socks, or at least you hope they change their socks frequently.

We would smell them coming lol

After obtaining permission to reuse these pictures which I am certain that some were not originally theirs, here is my  blurb on love and other aspects of life hope that you enjoy…

One busy mother’s self portrait of her life:

That is a busy mom

A woman who feels uplifted in life:

Better than a face lift

A nostalgic woman

electric can opener

I got tired of the black and blue marks so I threw away my electric can opener and went to the hand held that does not leave sharp edges.

Seriously speaking now

I did find some really great posts also…

This was a beautiful post

Sometimes there are great finds if you look…

Some women have to measure happiness

Perhaps they just really love cats here were a few more from the same profile

Good night Cats

Trying to keep our internet going today has been an all day up and down…almost like being on a roller coaster…must be everyone in our area decided to turn on their air conditioners…hmmm

I know my hubby is sleeping with ours right now lol…so I can’t say much as I am shivering as I type this lol… give me a cross breeze and open windows any day….

Last thought of the day

This is my last thought of the day for you…

Have a great evening…

Tammye Honey


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