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He Said…She Said

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Do you have the same strange habit that I do of finishing your hubby’s sentence? Does he do it to you?  Then maybe you are a match made in heaven….

He said….”Can you tell me how to….”   She said…”Get to Sesame Street..?”

Get to sesame street

We live in a ranch home with his office on one end in his Man Cave…

Man Cave

Where he works hard all day at answering Skype for questions about Tupperware, Scentsy, and Velata.  Or should I say is supposed to be…

Eman The Tupperware Man

He at least took time out for this picture lol…

We have an intercom system between my office and the man cave so that I do not have to walk back and forth since he does not wear his new hearing aids as they interfere with the head phones….

He said over intercom…”Honey, how do you spell….” (About 50 times a day)

She replies (without hitting the switch)  “Do I look like a walking Webster?” or “Is my middle name Webster?” then hits the button and calmly spells what ever word is asked…..


Now there was a man who either:

a) suffering from OCD,

b) had no life,

c) was into strange hobbies

d) did not entertain much

My hubby works hard at making unique ads that he says “Blow other ads out of the water” on various websites”

If you can picture this…

I am sure this is not what he meant

He does a whale of a job at it though and fights to always have the first ads…..

Whale of a job

He says ….”I’m hungry, what are you cooking today?”….

She says….(Under breath) “Does it matter?…You are going to microwave it six hours later anyways…” then replies….”What are you hungry for dear?”

His version of cooking

Hope you enjoyed this little tongue in cheek….a Tribute to my hubby’s hard work….

Have a great day and keep smiling…

Tammye Honey



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