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Married Life (The Second Time)

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Being married for the second time for both of us has a unique twist on it.  We do not talk a lot about the last marriage although it does come up in odd references at the most strange times.

During a dinner with hubby’s children I discovered that his amazement with my cooking skills was due to his prior marriage of 35 years not having much more than canned soup, frozen tv dinners and hamburger helper.

My prior marriage of almost 17 years had been in a Ukrainian neighborhood where everything was made from scratch and the older women in the neighborhood had modern, state of the art, stainless steel kitchens from the ceiling to the floor where they took you in to teach you the ways of the old country.

I was divorced almost as long as I was married before I met my new hubby but I continued to cook the old country way.  I was also fortunate enough to have met an old Italian cook who also took me under her wing at a very young age and did the same.

After making the soup yesterday, for my hubby’s sister and her hubby who are supposed to arrive sometime between today and tomorrow…(after two bowls of it last night) hubby decides…”Let’s freeze this”.  “We can cook something else for them, or give them sandwiches”.  Ugh!

I did not give a reply…I just sat and thought about it while I listened to him eat the bowl of soup and muttering about how it tasted like it had a hint of cheese in it that just made it perfect…

When he got up this morning, (He went to bed before me) the kitchen was clean and he came running into the bedroom in a panic asking where the soup was.  My reply was that it was in the fridge.  He calmly walked out and replied that he was making coffee.

Sometimes conversations are not meant to make sense….just go with them and be glad that you are communicating….

Have a great day!

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