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Great Finds

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To let you in on some other great finds that we found to decorate…

Hubby suddenly started to show an interest after I had painted the bedroom and then attacked the main bathroom and really brought that to life…with just paint…by using the new “Create your walls” on the Lowes website.  I was able to take the dark toilet area and with a different shade of color brighten that entire area yet it looks the same as the rest of the walls.  Kudos to Lowes for creating that site…

The bathroom curtains I made from towels that I had purchased from Target as they matched the shower curtain.  Simple and easy, two bath towels and a hand towel later…

When they get dusty, I just take them down, toss them into washer and dryer then rehang…

Bathroom curtains

One of my favorite places to find really great reasonable items is at our local Goodwill and the staff at our local store is so friendly and courteous.

Hubby decided that he wanted in on decorating after I had gotten the ball rolling so now he has also been on the look out for great finds…here are just a few…

Our Art Wall

These were slowly collected and a few had to be re-framed with frames that we also got there.

Love This

This piece was a yard sale find which I picked up frame and all for $3.00…

Our Guitars

Our Guitars sit nicely in this room where they are safely out of traffic and are right next to the keyboard.  We now call this the media room.  (Guest Room) and it is stocked with a Wii as well as a tv and a lot of children and adult books on shelves as well as a computer.


What music room would not be complete without this find…hubby was funny walking through the store with this one…he could not stop playing songs on it lol…


This trunk was a Salvation Army find which I store my huge supply of yarn in that I had purchased when I was single and lived in Upstate NY and Joanne Fabric and Walmart had their huge material and yarn sales.  I stocked up and stored them in clear bins…

Baby Cradle

To me this baby cradle is priceless…I added an old raggedy Ann and it is there with the Wii Step board under it so that it does not rock all the time lol…bad enough the cats walk across the piano to hear the keys at night…

Picnic Basket

Not only does this serve as a door stop to keep the door open and allow the breeze to circulate through the house, it is a great out of the way place to store when we are not using this little find.  We use this for sandwiches when we go fishing or for a picnic for the concerts on the lawn at .  What a great place to go with a group of friends for a free evening out…

Pie Keeper

This was a great find at the Goodwill I store my bread in the top compartment and cereal and snacks in the lower compartment…got it for $25.00 and by using some scratch cover I brought it back to life…

Thank you for viewing…

Hope that I did not bore you…

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Tell them to have a great day 🙂

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  1. I love that pie keeper, what a deal! I am a huge thrift store girl. :0)

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