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My Insomnia Bedroom

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I finally charged the battery in my camera so I could take pictures of the bedroom that I painted which has a half bath that now matches also but I did not want to bore you lol…I was suffering from pain from a gall stone that was huge and awaiting surgery so sleeping was not an option so painting was a way to get my mind off of it.

I also took pictures of the accessories that were picked up at flea markets, the Goodwill and Yard Sales to complete the room and the Media Room as my hubby calls it (I call it the guest room).

Over the headboard

Next wall

Here three simple boxes on a shelf from a book case that was going to be discarded by a neighbor that I took apart and recycled the lumber adding two holders worked perfect…

Curtains were already there

Since the curtains were already there I just used a bit of rit dye and toned down the golden color a bit…lol hubby never noticed…

Simple mirror and picture

By adding a simple mirror and a single flower (Goodwill find) which I just laid at an angle hubby had a mirror for his dresser

Night Stand

Hubby came home with this night stand for me when he was out while I was in bed from surgery to put my reading on (Goodwill find)

Recycled Shelf

Recycled shelf like the other one and the remainder are in the tiny bathroom with a vase (From the Goodwill) shells in the bottom and a philodendron in with two candles simple but pretty.

Grandchildren Stool

Just under the shelf is the time out stool for the grandchildren for when they visit and we have to bring it out…great place to store it.

Turning on side makes an additional dresser

Since this trunk is full of the old slide projecter viewer and slides it is not something that I really want to stick in a closet to fill up the closet floor so I decided to make it an addition to my dresser and stick my little collection of piggy banks on it except for the door stop one…we have to make sure our doors do not close on one of our cats of course lol…

A simple picture

A simple picture of a flower with my sock dresser tucked behind the door and out of the way was an easy hide away for my jewelery on top as most is still in original boxes lol…

The picture is of a single flower and was again a purchase from the Goodwill…

Cold Winter Nights

No room would be complete without the dog pillow for the floor with the flea lamp near by for just in case…I turned it on so that you could tell what it is…it also serves well as a night light for Trina at night…In the Summer she stays on her pillow in the store on the Terra Cotta floor with the big overhead fan and the two screen doors open for a big cross breeze… but Winters dad got her this so she is comfortable…

Hope you enjoyed the insomnia bedroom and when I put down the plastic to paint I did make sure he could breathe I had already done his head area during the daytime lol….

Thank you for viewing and feel free to comment…

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