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Just keep plugging

Since my husband is retired from the Military he seems to have very little extra time on his hands…such as to mow the hay field behind the house that we used to call a lawn… When I asked him why it had not been mowed over the weekend (which was finally rain free) his reply was that he was waiting for it to die and for the baby birds to be hatched…

I watch very few television programs now that “The Voice” is finished for the season and my other show is cancelled (The Finder)…so I am down to “The Apprentice”, which ended last night, “AGT” (America’s Got Talent) which is not bad with Howard… and the Cooking channel or HGTV when all else fails unless I want “Cold Case” or what ever else ION Television has to offer…. It does not seem to matter what I sit down to watch…I can be as quiet as a Church mouse and have the volume down to 4 and I swear he has a tracking device set on the remote…he will not have spoken to me for hours and then wants to have a huge discussion about life in general right during a good part…

Two years ago on Easter Sunday (while making dinner) we got a storm.  Our electricity went out for a few hours.  When it came back on we later discovered that two of our new televisions that were just off warranty by a few weeks had died and my electric coil in my oven that had the ham in it had cracked in half on one side.  To make life easier and get dinner finished before our guests arrived, I took the food out to our gas grill and finished cooking them.  One year and three months later I got my new coil…his response…I was amazed at how well you could cook with a gas grill, a stove top and a microwave.

He wonders why I hide the keys…

Hope you enjoyed this short blog as we are getting another storm so have to get off for a bit…even with surge protectors which the tv’s both had…do not trust…lol…

Enjoy your evening

Thank you for reading….

Tammye Honey


I found out what he does in his “Man Cave” Office where he is so busy doing his advertising all day and all night (why he can’t mow the lawn)…

He is catching up the over 100 followers on Facebook of the daily happenings of our dog “Pookie the Destroyer of  Worlds” guess someone did not understand when he said that he would like to purchase or get for free a Maltease like this dog…so now they think he owns it and he writes about his adventures daily…

He gets emails from women who ask what they missed if he is busy and has not written first thing in the morning…lol

Here is pookie…

Destroyer of worlds


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One thought on “Things Hubby’s Say

  1. Oh yes, they do always want to have the heart to heart talk during the best tv shows, but let them be watching something and we have to literally sit like a Nun in church until the show is over..
    Hope you come through the storm ok:-)

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