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Top Ten Want To Remember To do’s LOL

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A new Tee Shirt

When you get to be my age you list what would would like to remember to do not necessarily what you want to do lol…when hubby is retired you wait a month to see if he is going to mow the lawn so there is not really much that you can plan…

1. Pick up new prescription and find something to do while waiting for three hours.

2. Finally decide which new recipe I am going to try to make when I get back home…

3. Remember to purchase the proper groceries to make the recipe that I have in mind by that time…

4. Remember to make the grocery list and not leave it on the fridge door …or remember it while in the store (Try to remember the word arrow root while in the store)

5. Remember to buy the right cat food so that the two cats will stop yelling at me…

6. Remember to place the cat food that they suddenly do not like in the pet shelter donation box with the recycled Tupperware.

7. Remember to write down all of my email passwords for a change or make them all the same so I only have to remember one… (News Flash…it is not in the dictionary…like most of America lol)

8. Remember to understand how this works and answer properly…(Remember to place comments in the correct places lol)

9. Remember to finish my list tomorrow and have a laugh… which I borrowed from Laughing at Everyday Life and would like to say thank you….

Laughing at Everyday Life

Thank you again for sharing this little piece with the world so that I could…it is priceless and no where do I even try to pretend to be Normal lol…

10. Remember to find a number ten to put in here…


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