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Out of Curiousity I am asking You The Readers

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Can someone tell me what the true benefit is of doing the upgrade to Pro vs what I have right now?

1. Does it make me look smarter?

2.. Does it make me look prettier? (At my age that might take a bit)

3. Does it make me look younger? (Now we might be looking at a laugh or two)

4. Does it get me more attention? (Not doing bad myself for day three)

5. Does it make me less scary for people to read? (I doubt it)

6. Does it cost more? Oh yeah

7. Does it seem the thing to do? (Not sure) That is why I am asking

8. Does it make sense for me to do it? (If it did I would not be asking)

9. Does it fit into my budget? (Not sure unless I know really what I am getting into)

10. Does it feel right to others to do it?  (That is why I am asking)

Thank You for Viewing and I do hope you leave comments so I can answer that little blue blurb at the top …


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