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Easy Fix to A Dull & Drab Kitchen

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One of my sleepless nights which sadly do happen often I got the bright idea to add some color to my kitchen…the inexpensive way…

I went on the road to garage and yard sales with the mission of finding the cheapest wallpaper or contact paper that I could find….

my results are as follows…adding a bit of cheap molding and a few photos from our local Goodwill helped me finish my task along with a few items to allow me to hang my cooking utensils, cups & pot holders…Cost…50 cents for contact paper, $3.00 for accessories from Goodwill, $1.00 for potholders from Dollar General and $5.00 for molding from Home Depot.

Goodwill Photos

Easy mount and molding

Took around kitchen

Mounted Cups Behind Microwave

Voila my kitchen was done with an entirely new look…


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