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Another Few Easy Fixes


Since I have an older Kitchen I am limited to what I can do with what I have so if you can’t build out, I say go up…which is what I did…as you will see by the photos that are enclosed I took some racks like hubby has in his tool area and placed my spice rack in them…alphabetically (that is how you purchase them in the store).  Then I took two of the racks from Tupperware and placed below for my larger lids so I do not have to hunt for them.

Spice Rack

Tupperware Lid Holders

Roll around Rack

This rack stores my potatoes and onions as well as a few items underneath that I do not use every day, yet are essential in my kitchen.

Roll Around Petition

This area not only divides my cook area from dining area but also gave me added space for microwave prep area which I never had before.  This was between the spice rack and the fridge against the wall and I hit it every time I came into the kitchen in the dark.

Recycle Bag Dispenser

My recycle bags drove me crazy and this bin stores a ton of them…I have a tall kitchen garbage bag that lines it and when it is full I pull it out and take it with me when I go to the grocery store and recycle it there.

Instead of painting

I continued the pattern on these two cupboards only rather than paint them.  I noticed that the heat from the burner had changed their color despite the oil that I put on them to try and revive them…so I covered them….

Rather than reach under a cupboard

This was a great find at the Goodwill for $29.00 I got the pot rack and for another $29.00 I got the Tefal set…that was a good day for shopping…

Aprons out of traffic

By placing the aprons out of traffic they stay cleaner and kitchen stays neater too


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2 thoughts on “Another Few Easy Fixes

  1. Omg I love the cupboard idea! I put appliqués on mine. Check out the pinterest section of my blog. 🙂

  2. Great ideas and loving the overhead pot rack 🙂

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