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I told you I lay awake nights…and that my hubby is afraid to walk in the morning cause I no longer lay in bed lol…

Vintage Medium Lid Holders

By hanging these on the side with bread tie wraps it enables me to move them the next time that I decide to roll this entire rack somewhere else… this mount is great cause it is not in the way of anything and holds all of the smaller lids.

Towel Holders

By making a few of the towels so they stay in place as a decoration and changing out the two towels on the ends daily I have fresh towels in hand to wipe my hands while cooking that are safe from flames yet close enough for use while necessary and neat at all times.

Calendar and Items Clipped

Our stainless steel fridge does not allow to use magnets on front so a calendar with a paperclip for shopping list and the points from Betty Crocker for the grand children’s school in the envelope that I seal just before a visit and place in my over night bag is a great way to save everything right at hand where I need it…as I run out of items I log it on my grocery list.  As an appointment comes up the pen that is attached to the calendar allows me to jot it as I am doing something else…

Power Strip

By simply attaching this strip to the back side of the rack, which actually turns out to be out of view from the front I simply pull it up and plug in an appliance in the front if needed in the work area there so the rest of the counters are still free and I can continue cooking….

Often Used Business Cards

On the side where no one normally looks is where I use my magnets with the business cards…yes in my office I have a file of them…I ask for two business cards for a business we use often actually more cause we place a stack in our store for customers and put one on our bulletin board that I made….

I hope that these tips helped and I hope that you will also share with me some of the tips that you have done on a shoe string budget as well…

Thank you as always for viewing my blog….

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  1. Great ideas. Thank you for sharing!

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