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So now that I have given a little insight into our lives…perhaps I will introduce our neighborhood…now that they think that we are the crazy couple who drive the old red pickup truck with the Tupperware advertisement on the sides and back of it and ride around with a video camera to tape their neighborhood in day to day action….lol…

Have to admit….they were all rather nice about it…now they are all proud to be on YouTube and want copies of the video to send to family lol…

We are next to a huge military base and just outside of Clarksville, TN (Take the Last Train To Clarksville) The Monkeys…I know you are too young to remember that song…

so we are not in the deep woods of the deep South….and no we are not married to our sister’s cousin or brother….ugh!  Highly educated and so are our neighbors…some are doctors and lawyers…some accountants…etc…I am certain that you get my point…

There are a lot of retired military here that were engineers etc….not just boot camp drop outs lol…

So grab the popcorn and enjoy this short flick set to Tracy Byrd’s Single “Im From the Country and I Like it That Way!”

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