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Retired Life LOL!

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Talking with a close friend this morning has inspired me to start this blog just to be able to share a few highlights into the many days of retired life and what there is to look forward to for all of the young fast paced life styles out there.  I have two daughters who are both running in that fast lane as I used to…

Now I actually do sit back and smell my coffee in the morning before I drink it and enjoy it’s aroma.  That may sound a bit strange however I also sit and think about all of the years that I burned my tonsils gulping it down going through the drive thru while commuting the girls to school and heading to job one of four for a two hour commute one way…

I would listen to audio books for the two hours to make the commute not seem so bad and would enjoy the Amish families that I would pass along the way, (although I was annoyed when seeing the bare feet on the children in the Winter). I would remind myself of how that was their culture and was none of my business.

I would spend 8 plus hours doing transcription for 5 psychologists and 2 psychiatrists in a correctional facility of girls under 18 then do the two hour commute back to another job where I would hear co-workers whine about how tired they were and did not want to come and do their 4 hour shift….hmmmmm yes I did bite my tongue….

The transcription job was a hoot.  It was the most entertaining job I have ever had.  You really have to have a good sense of humor for sure and a few stress balls and toys on the desk does help…I also had a cookie and a candy jar to entertain my bosses so that they had something to fill their faces while waiting in line for what they needed…

The most rewarding job I ever had was working with the autistic and down syndrome groups… they really appreciated you and you could really get to where you could communicate with them and do a lot with them.  I worked with a group who still lived home with their families and when I took them places it was to give the families a break.  I took lots of pictures to share the happy faces with the families of the outings.  That was rewarding.

Enough about me…

This morning I was discussing the appliances in my home with a friend of mine.  The dishwasher was the first topic.  It is wonderful in that I hit the button and it just starts and does it’s own thing as I go about my day and do my thing…I do not have to come back to it and tell it anything…it knows enough to wash the back of the dish too…and to rinse it thoroughly…however, for some reason when I open the door, besides fogging up my glasses, when I say put away…nothing happens….Imagine that….

Now the washer and dryer…they are supposed to be a matched set…so they are supposed to work together as a pair…like a husband and wife…

When you wash a load of clothes, what is the secret to getting the dryer to put the load of clothes into it’s belly?  The papa kangaroo does.  Now that I think of it…my hubby does not know how either….hmmmmmm … maybe there is a bigger problem here than I thought….lol

The timer on my stove sounds like a truck backing up it is so loud yet my hubby can not hear it…I find this not only amusing but fascinating…since he does not wear his new hearing aids he has no clue when I am using it…

I like to think that he has selective hearing…since he at times can hear what I have mumbled….imagine that lol…

Thanks for listening to me ramble….


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One thought on “Retired Life LOL!

  1. This is where I just comment about our retired life and where life has taken us over the years. Since I grew up enjoying Erma Bombeck you can imagine how my two daughters grew up as they thought I really had a twisted sense of humor…

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